How Can tier 1 signals con help hedge funds?

Hedge Funds and Managers are under constant pressure every quarter in an effort to maintain  ROI’s while observing current market trends and searching for new ways to beef up their portfolios. Thats were Tier 1 Signals come in. Tier 1 Signals can help fund manager and hedge funds alike to open a diverse portfolio where we supply successful trading signals in Fx , Commodities and CFD’s. Our winning and professional trading signals / stratigies come with a high success rate and will be a solid part of and hedge fund portfolio. 

What is a Hedge Fund ? 

A hedge fund manager is an individual responsible for directing all activities associated with the operation of a hedge fund.The role of a hedge fund manager is similar to that of a mutual fund manager. Hedge fund managers are primarily responsible for running a hedge fund’s daily affairs and for making ongoing investment decisions regarding the composition of the fund’s portfolio. A hedge fund manager manages a fund’s risk and return, marketing strategy, and capital funding from unit sales.Hedge fund managers are compensated handsomely, but they also face tremendous pressure because of the high risk of the portfolios that they manage. It is debatable how much influence the actions and skills of a hedge fund manager have on the long run return of the fund’s portfolio. The difference between the return of the hedge fund and a predicted rate of return is called “alpha.” In other words, alpha is a measure of the skills of a hedge fund manager.

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The Unique Technology of Tier 1 Signals

Our product is built and operates like a GPS for traders in the global capital market. Tier 1 Signals technology reaches the trader’s computer or mobile device through a special breaking window configured within the client ( a patent is currently registered in the US ). The window contains all the information the user requires to make a decision and guides the user through the transaction if he chooses to make one.

The user may be at work, on vacation, or taking a walk in the park. 

The system reaches him in real time, with all the information and the details needed to make a decision about a current trade. The user is not looking for the information on his own, and has no need to search for any information on the web or in his mail. The system creates an experience in which the user need not interrupt his ongoing business or leisure activity; only when an alert arrives does he need a few minutes to carry out the transaction. 



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