Classified Investors

  • Institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds, banks, portfolio managers, etc.);
  • Large companies with equity exceeding ILS 50 million; or
  • Sophisticated individual investors that:
  • Hold liquid assets (cash, deposits, financial assets, and securities) of at least ILS 8 million; or
  • Have received personal income of at least ILS 1.2 million in each of the two most recent years (or ILS 1.8 million in joint family income); or
  • Hold liquid assets of at least ILS 5 million and receive personal annual income of at least ILS 600,000 (or ILS 900,000 in joint family income).

*The above information is not legal advice and does not pretend to replace one. It should not be based on making decisions.
The laws in this area change frequently and should be checked with a professional in the field according to each jurisdiction.

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