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Are You a Qualified Investor ?

A qualified investor, also commonly referred to as an accredited investor or professional investor, is an individual or other entity that is legally permitted by the Securities and Exchange Commission to invest in hedge funds, venture capital funds, private equity offerings, and other private placements. Qualified investors need to demonstrate a sufficient income or net worth before they are allowed to purchase unregistered securities.

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A list of criteria to be considered a Qualified investor (by jurisdiction*):


Classified Investors Institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds, banks, portfolio managers, etc.); Large companies with equity exceeding ILS 50 million; or Sophisticated individual

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Professional client Per Se Professional Client Elective Professional Client The “Qualitative Test”: The firm undertakes an adequate assessment of the expertise, experience and knowledge of

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An accredited investor satisfies one or more of the conditions below: An individual whose income exceeds $200,000 in each of the two most recent years

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Accredited investor An individual who, alone or together with a spouse, owns financial assets worth more than $1 million before taxes but net of related

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